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Wondrous Tree of Life with Gemstone

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This elegant sterling silver necklace is passionately created in the form of the Wondrous Tree of Life, representing our divine interconnectedness with nature and with each other. It is when you feel something stirring in you while walking in the forest or past very large, old trees, that you realize just how alive the trees are around us. 

The Wondrous Tree of Life is a symbol of a new beginning, positive energy, vibrant well-being, a bright future, powerful growth, and inherent strength – the mystical and magical tree of life embodies them all prominently throughout many cultures and many eons.

The Wondrous Tree of Life is an important icon symbolizing the connection between the earth and all living creatures, as its branches reach high into the never-ending sky and its roots penetrate deep into the nurturing earth.

Proudly Made in the USA by Peter Stone Jewelry. 

- .925 Sterling Silver with gemstones
- Made in Thailand by Peter Stone Jewelry
- Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of this item.

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