Warm Greetings from Janet at Mobius Jewelry & Gifts!

I simply love mail order. Ever since I was a kid poring over the Miles Kimball catalogue and painstakingly filling out the order form, plotting and planning what gifts were for which family members, I have felt a tug at my heart strings about packing up and shipping out packages for folks.

Time and again customers have shared with me touching stories of how a gift of a mobius piece gladdened the heart of a dear friend in a time of need, kindled romance between lovers, or gave solace to a loved one. Stories also of individuals who have rewarded themselves with the gift of a mobius after achieving a major milestone or facing a particularly challenging time.

There is so much power and meaning hidden in this beautiful and elegant design; the combination of words and shape makes it a uniquely thoughtful gift. Often the prayer or saying we wear reminds us of someone who is dear. The bracelet is worn close to our pulse and the pendant to the heart. To wear one every day is to carry that beating power with you, to tap into a source of strength whenever you need it. Mobius jewelry has become a potent spiritual and emotional talisman for many.

Please feel free to share your special mobius story with me via my contact form - I'd absolutely love to hear about it! I personally wear the Lord’s Prayer in Gaelic Mobius bracelet each and every day. It was read at my father’s funeral and reminds me of the Gaelic classes we took together and of my Irish heritage, which was so dear to my father and is to myself as well.

My mother was the best and most thoughtful giver of gifts that ever existed; I think blissfully to myself at times, which one would I have gifted her with? Her wrists would be covered!!

I pack your orders and ship them out with the kind “help” of my three Siberian huskies: Fiona, Secret and Lobo. They curl up under my desk while I work and lie under the packing table while we box your orders. They are the best of companions. They send a little love along with each package – I hope you can feel it!

May your days be blessed with happiness and joy!!

Warm regards,
Janet Bennett, Proprietor
Mobius Jewelry & Gifts


Just What Is The Mobius Design?

A Mobius strip is a two-dimensional surface with only one side, a loop that never ends; it represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end, or one of infinite length. For many, the infinite also symbolizes the divine. That is why the mobius design lends itself so beautifully to a platform on which to engrave prayers and inspirational sayings. The design mirrors the sentiments of undying devotion to a cause, a creator, a person. The design is as beautiful to the eye as the sayings are very dear to the heart.

The Mobius Design is unique in mathematics and even more unique in jewelry. The twisted, geometric shape of this beautiful bracelet is known as a Mobius strip, after the German mathemetician August Ferdinand Mobius (1790-1868).

Our Mobius jewelry is made with care in New York, USA by jeweler Laurel Elliott dvb new york, Designer of the Original Mobius Bracelet. We have sold her jewelry for many years and love each uniquely beautiful piece.