Brazilian Amethyst Gua Sha Facial Massage Set
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Brazilian Amethyst Gua Sha Facial Massage Set

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This luxurious Amethyst Kit includes two "gua sha" tools for self care massage: a tiny roller on a handle, and a thin, smooth, heart-shaped "scraper".  Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine practice to move "chi" or energy in the body, improving blood flow and relaxing the muscles. There are simple instructions on the inside of the box. Use gently and soothingly on the face or body. Use at room temperature or immerse in cold water for a cooling effect (especially good for headaches). 

An ideal gift or talisman for anyone who wants to focus on self-care for mind and body, improving healthcare and beauty in simple, natural ways.

The semi precious stone of Amethyst is both very beautiful and very smart, helping to regain clarity, awaken inspiration, instill a positive mindset, and revitalize mental and emotional strength. 

Supporting both inner and outer beauty, Amethyst: 

  • Soothes and protects your spiritual and emotional self
  • Promotes mental clarity and expands your vision
  • Encourages a positive outlook and repels negative thoughts and energy
  • Awakens a feeling of being centered and grounded in the moment
  • Activates the Crown, or seventh, chakra for enlightenment
  • Promotes mental and physical relaxation

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