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Baobab Tree of Life - Earrings

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The Baobab Tree is a powerful symbol of strength and fortitude in the face of adversity. It represents the magical connections between light and dark, heaven and earth, the past and the future. Above all, it inspires us to hope, no matter the obstacles!

The massive Baobab Tree lives as a creature between worlds. By appearance, it looks as if it is placed on earth upside down, with bare, root like branches high up on top for most of the year. The tree itself is long-lived like the American redwoods, living for well over 2000 years and by some accounts up to 5000 years. Thriving in arid conditions, it is a marvel of longevity and resilience, a true Tree of Life connecting Heaven and Earth in its time-honored embrace.

  • These one-of-a-kind, handcrafted sterling silver earrings are adorned with an exclusively designed original artwork.
  • Each earring showcases a glass dome on both sides of the spherical charm, presenting a replicated rendition of the authentic artwork on both sides
  • The original piece was created using a blend of linocut printing and charcoal drawing techniques.
  • Earrings are meticulously and lovingly crafted in South Africa.
  • Earrings are 2.5 inches in length (including the drops) 
  • Spherical drops are 3/4 inch in diameter

*** It's important to note that while the glass on the earrings is securely sealed, submerging this pendant in water is not recommended. The artist's original design is printed on paper, and a skillful combination of resin, glass, and artwork forms the final earrings. ***

About Minitza
South African artist Minitza van der Walt brings elegant modern design to her jewelry with her mixed media artistry, a combination of Etching, Marley print, Silkscreen and Drawing, all deeply inspired by the remarkable African landscape. Her drawings have been translated into truly unique jewelry. Each piece is a splendid work of art, embodied with her strong passion for nature and design. 

Minitza's inspiration, in her own words:
"Nature possesses wondrous powers.
It inspires, gives hope, uplifts our spirits, soothes and calms, and reminds us that there is always something better."

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