Believe In Yourself and Magic Will Happen - Mobius Necklace
Laurel Elliott DVB New York

Believe In Yourself and Magic Will Happen - Mobius Necklace

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This elegant sterling silver Mobius necklace is finely engraved with a statement of self belief, repeated ad infinitum due to the extraordinary design of the mobius pendant. 
Believe in yourself and magic will happen
The power of self belief is widely acknowledged to enable people to overcome all kinds of adversity, both physical and mental. How the power of thought alone can overcome physical disability as well as contribute to success in all aspects of human endeavor is a mystery yet to be unravelled, but it is a well recorded phenomenon. This silver pendant in the form of a mšbius strip is a reminder for all, that health and happiness is within our reach if we choose to believe.
This remarkable pendant employs the uniquely beautiful geometric form known as a Mobius strip, named after the German mathematician, August Ferdinand Mobius (1790-1868). It represents the seeming paradox of a plane without end, or one of infinite length. As such it becomes an accepted symbol for infinity, an appropriate and symbolic form for a quotation such as this.
The circlet will move about the chain when worn, constantly changing its appearance, creating one shape and then another. The more you observe its seeming simplicity, the more complex it becomes. The message remains constant, the shape never rests.
Sterling silver mobius pendant on 18" silver chain. Also available in 14 K Gold by special order. 
Mobius pendant measures 1" in diameter. 
Gift packaged with story card and black drawstring bag. 
Crafted proudly in the USA by Laurel Elliott DVB New York, designer of the original Mobius necklace. 
DVB utilizes the "cire-perdue" or lost-wax casting method of jewelry creation. Lost-wax casting is actually an ancient method of jewelry production used in creating the finest jewelry. Owing to the nature of the technique and the hand finishing of each casting, small variations in dimension, weight and finish will occur.

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