Lord's Prayer In Gaelic Mobius Bracelet
Laurel Elliott DVB New York

Lord's Prayer In Gaelic Mobius Bracelet

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This elegant sterling silver Mobius bracelet is finely engraved with The Lord's Prayer in Gaelic (the language of Ireland). The lines of the Gospel of St Matthew, chapter 6, verses 9-13, are known among Christian churches as the Lord's Prayer (The Our Father), and as such appear in many forms and translations. The first Irish Gaelic edition of the New Testament was published in 1602, the complete Bible not being available until 1685. It is here copied from the translation which was produced in 1830 and is decorated with the Irish Cross or cros cheilteach, commonly found in Ireland and popularly believed to have been introduced by St Patrick. 
The text of the Lord's Prayer in Gaelic: 
Ar nAthair ata ar neamh, go naofar d'ainm; 
Go dtaga do riocht; 
Go ndeantar do thoil ar an 
talamh mar a dheantar ar 
Ar n-aran laethuil tabhair 
duinn inniu; 
agus maith duinn ar bhfiacha, 
mar a mhaithimidne dar bhfeichiuna fein; 
Agus na lig sinn i geathu, 
ach saor sinn o olc. 
The unique design of the Mobius strip appears to have one side, which allows the bracelet to be inscribed with a surprising number of words to be read without interruption on its length. The beautiful elliptical shape sits comfortably about the hand; the unique twist to the design represents the paradox of a plane or loop without end, an apt symbol for infinity. Since the infinite for many equates with the divine, the Mobius bracelet is the perfect medium on which to inscribe prayers and other inspiring and memorable quotations. 
Bracelet Circumference: 7 7/8"
Width: 3/16"- 5/16" [5 - 8mm] 
Composed of .925 solid sterling silver. Also available by special order in 14 K gold. 
Bracelet comes with a black, drawstring pouch and story card. 
Crafted proudly in the USA by Laurel Elliott DVB New York, designer of the original mobius bracelet.  
DVB utilizes the "cire-perdue" or lost-wax casting method of jewelry creation. Lost-wax casting is actually an ancient method of jewelry production used in creating the finest jewelry. Owing to the nature of the technique and the hand finishing of each casting, small variations in dimension, weight and finish will occur.

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