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Selenite Heart

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Enter the angelic realm and welcome white light into your world as you hold close the Selenite Heart Stone. Selenite comes from the Greek goddess of the moon and this soft mineral stone is all about feminine power, high vibrations, and following the silvery thread of your spirit guides. The curve of the heart reminds us that the central wisdom of feeling should forever lead the way.

“With this heart, I move through the world as pure and light as a water dancer” 


Dreamy deep peace and lighting up all those higher chakras, the Selenite heart is heaven-sent. This beautiful pale heart removes energy blocks, eases tightly wound hearts, and purifies thought patterns so you can move through the world like a water dancer.

This gorgeous gem is a crown chakra shiner. Opening up your crown to connect with the universe, sends every sweet dream soaring. Selenite doesn’t stop at the crown, it also heals the heart, shakes your third eye awake, and makes sure that all that luminous energy can bolt from the floor and be sent up skyward. This clear and vibrant gem also awakens stashed away psychic abilities, protects from unwanted ethereal bodies, and helps you to dive into past lives to carry those lessons forward.

The heart shape beautifully complements the Selenite stone. The heart is the lotus of our core self and a symbol of love, integrity, and the rhythm of life. As Selenite sings to your awareness and helps you to visit the dream world while staying solid in this realm, the stone makes a wonderful amulet for inward journeys. Hold this heart-shaped gem close while feeling your way through spiritual practices or stash it beneath your pillow to let those other realm messages trickle through loud and clear. For those who want to shed the weights that keep them tethered to old tales, this clear hearted gem is your guiding light.


  • Unique and genuine Selenite gemstone
  • Small 1.75-2." wide – Medium 2.25--2.5" wide
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card

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