What Lies Within Us (Emerson) - Pi Disc Necklace
Laurel Elliott DVB New York

What Lies Within Us (Emerson) - Pi Disc Necklace

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This sterling silver Pi disc necklace is finely engraved with inspiring words on the value and meaning of self reliance from the pen of nineteenth century American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson:
What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared
to what lies within us. 
Laurel Elliott's Pi Disc is a modern interpretation of the ancient Chinese form of a circle within a circle, an enduring symbol of nobility, purity, constancy and eternity. The circle having no end is itself a symbol of infinity. The chain can be knotted on the disc or simply slipped through the open circle. It can also be used without a chain at all, as a touchstone or keepsake for the pocket, desk or nightstand. 
Pi Disc is 3/4" in diameter. 
Chain length is 18" or 16" when knotted through the disc. 
Composed of .925 solid sterling silver.
Gift packaged with story card and black draw string bag. 
Crafted proudly in the USA by Laurel Elliott DVB New York. 
DVB utilizes the "cire-perdue" or lost-wax casting method of jewelry creation. Lost-wax casting is actually an ancient method of jewelry production used in creating the finest jewelry. Owing to the nature of the technique and the hand finishing of each casting, small variations in dimension, weight and finish will occur.

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